Our Partner Staff consists of four people that  cover the key areas of Business Consulting and Coaching. Additionally,  other staff members are called upon as necessary.


All of our partners have not just Formal Education and Practical Experience, but have the added skill set to insure that any changes to your organization are done quickly efficiently and giving you the greatest ROI.


Whether you are looking for Consulting Services for your Business needs, Life Coaching or Business Coaching  for yourself or Executive Coaching/Sales Marketing or Operations Coaching Contact Co-Sulting for a no obligation consultation:



Mark Lipp-Mark has over 35 years of experience in Global and Fortune 1oo companies. over the last 26 years Mark has been an entrepreneur and started from inception 5 companies that were successful. His expertise is in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Branding, Marketing, Marjet Development, Customer Retention and Development, Product Development/Market Development, Sales, Manufacturing, Materials,and  off-shore Manufacturing . As a formally trained  Strategic Intervention Coach/ Life Coach  and his experience his abilities to combine his formal education, his experience and training in such areas as the Law of Attraction, make him unparalleled in his field.. For more information about Mark please visit .


Kimo Estores- Kimo’s ability to develop and structure networks  and  see the “big Picture” in network and software/ system design and implementation has been honed over 20 years of practical “real world” staff experience. Kimo also  brings  special talents to our group.  Many people can build . and develop a website which he does, but, Kimo more importantly, has the unique creative ability to develop, logos,  and build websites with branding. His specialty is Creative Website development, SEO management, incorporating Video, Photos and Music, where applicable .He also  does video and music  recording, processing and editing,  Contact us and we can show you the may famous clients Kimo has worked with in development of their branding, social Media and marketing campaigns.


Yhali Lipp- Yhali is an entrepreneur and a visionary in working and developing people in the areas of Sales. Marketing and as a Strategic Intervention Coach she is able to bring her experience as an entrepreneur and as a Life coach to help organizations and their staff reach new levels of Peak Performance especially during  the implementation of changes within the organization.For more info please see: www.Yhali


Helena Sasmor -Helena has over 30 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Global Sourcing , Inventory management, electronics manufacturing. multi-plant distribution and materials supply. Additionally her background in electronics manufacturing, componentry and process improvement make her extremely versatile in developing solutions in a complex Manufacturing/Materials environment.

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