Co-Sulting and Business Change:


Early in my Business Career,  many of the companies  I was employed by used Business  Consultants. In some cases they were used to train employees. As examples; “Sensitivity Training”, “Solder Training”  and similar. Other consultants were brought in to solve  specific problems  such as the solder process or a manufacturing process. Some were a brought in to streamline the company and others for efficiency, as an example;like the implementation of ERP systems.  Some Consultants  were brought in for Sales Training, Marketing, New Product Development and  and Market Strategy.  Some  Consultants were brought in for “Team “Building” so that groups of people could learn to work together better better.

Over my 26 years as an entrepreneur in the Broadband electronics and manufacturing, I too have used Consulting Services from a variety of providers. We had many successes and many failures. What I did learn, is that changes in and to an organization  are difficult and the biggest issues happen  when changing the expectations and implementing those changes effectively.


The most challenging area in business has… and continues to be… Change.


Whether that change comes in the form of:

How you do business,

The products you manufactured OR SHOULD manufacture in the future,

Distributed products,


A change of Corporate Philosophy, Mission or Vision,

Adding a new division or buying an existing company or product line,

Management change.


I have seen many successes and many failures in making these  types of changes and I have learned what makes the difference between being successful or not. That success or failure is based on the people.

You develop a plan to make a change in your organization. As an example  a cost saving measure that you and your staff feels would have measurable benefits  within  the company. You develop a plan to implement it. How you do business. You and your team have the best laid out implementation plan and you know this can’t be hard. Cost savings are a natural buy in … right?  Everyone logically should be on-board with this concept ….correct?


Then  reality sets in!


Then what was seemingly simple…didn’t go as planned. Your new plan takes, in the best case, much longer to implement then you ever imagined. Making the payback longer than you anticipated. In many cases the changes do not get fully implemented causing chaos in your organization for much longer than necessary without garnering the full financial benefits you had hoped for. Worse, the stumbling blocks were far greater to implementation then you could ever have imagined, and the plan never gets implemented at all. In the worst case scenario these changes may have been needed to help the company survive. In all of these cases it costs money and resources that could have been used for other, more productive efforts.

You and your team are left frustrated and at best tired.  You and your Organization did not see most of the benefits of your plan and everyone in management thought the plan would work.  You then ask yourself and your organization….”How did, the “Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men”…simply go awry?


The answer is simple yet the reasons are many and complicated…… People.


Although people say they have buy-in on the surface, they may not truly be “in the game”. They don’t see the benefit to their career, their way of working, and their “Vision of the World” is upset by the changes being proposed and made. They become spectators in the stand watching what happens rather than on the court playing the game and ultimately… winning. Our goal is to get everyone on the court playing in the game to win. We work using the non-traditional “Coaching Techniques” to insure that you get “buy-in” at all levels.

This philosophy extends to the individual who has a “Vision of Their World: This Vision is both their vision of their career, their family life and their friends and family ( relationships). aligning their Vision and goals with that of the organization insures a Win/Win !

The concept  and practice of Co-Sulting, is based on a combination of Traditional Consulting Techniques along with the implementation of non-Traditional strategies based on NLP Techniques and the works of such people as Milton Friedman, Chloe Madanes and Tony Robbins. Traditional Consulting looks at the Organizations Processes, its inefficiencies and challenges, and from a root cause determines an optimization path to remove the inefficiencies.  This can occur by Function(s) or by Organization Capabilities. All in an effort to increase efficiencies as a function of reducing waste, non-value added operations  all to increase profits, through internal optimization. or externally through, Acquisition Market Share, Customer Satisfaction etc..  Non-traditional Business techniques use modern tools and techniques  to Empower the people to attain new levels of commitment, success and achievement within the organization and its customers and markets. Non-traditional Executive Coaching/Business Coaching/Life Coaching techniques, to insure that implementation goes smoothly, quickly and with exceptional results.  

Our philosophy is slightly different then most  and our name says it all. Contact us  or call us for more information or a free no obligation consultation  and see what Co-Sulting can do for you  or your organization.

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