Full Service  Business Consulting Services in Las Vegas & Los Angeles combining Traditional Business Consulting Techniques & non-Traditional Coaching Techniques.


Your Business Problem Solving Team and Business Strategists


The word Co-Sulting is a combination of  two words: “Coaching” and “Consulting”.

“Business Consulting” is the use of experts who through the use of  “Traditional  Business Consulting Techniques”   give professional advice or services  for a fee. Implementation  “Coaching” is the  process of teaching or training a person  to perform a function or change their mental attitude to attain an established goals .  “Co-Sulting is based on a combination of Traditional Business Consulting Techniques along with the implementation of strategies from  NLP techniques and the works of such people as Milton Friedman, Chloe Madanes and Tony Robbins. Traditional Consulting looks at Processes to optimize peak performance. Non-traditional Business Coaching uses such modern tools as “Coaching Techniques” and “The Law of Attraction”, to Empower  people to attain new levels of commitment, success and achievement  not just within the organization, its customers and markets but in their own personal  lives.


Co-Sulting: In Business:

Any changes in an organization  takes two phases.  The “Consulting  Phase”  which is determining  an optimal solution, or set of possible solutions, to solve a particular challenge. This can be done with in-house personnel or Consultants/Experts brought in to look at the challenge. Once you determine the optimal solution, you start  the “Coaching Phase” where you get everyone involved in the change   “Buy in”  by your staff is now essential for the change to happen efficiently and  effectively to achieve the goal you are looking to attain. Here we employ elements  from Business Coaching, Executive Coaching,and Life Coaching to insure that the implementation attains the goals established. Whether that be in Sales, Manufacturing, Products and services offered, Supply Chain Management, Marketing , Finance or Total Operations Management. all of which l;ead to increased Growth, Profitability, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Co-Sulting: In Your Life and your Staff’s Life:

The word Co-Sultng is not just for business or  organizations, The work Co-Sulting works in your own life also: Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching have  an  iterative process no different then in business. You have Goals and Objectives you want to achieve in your life. You have a “Vision of the World” no different than an organization has of their world. You want to get your life Transformed, in alignment with, and Manifest, your vision no different then a business or an organization does. The use of Coaching techniques help  you obtain  s clear picture of what you need and want in your life, which is  your “Vision of the World”. More importantly we find and eliminate  what stops you from attaining these goals.  Consulting helps you obtain the plan to get you what you want and need in your life and attain your  “Vision of the  World “.

Our philosophy is slightly different then most  and our name says it all. Contact us  or call us for more information or a free no obligation consultation  and see what Co-Sulting can do for you  or your organization.

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