Co-sulting Process- 3 P’s of Business


The 3P’s of Business

the three p'sKey Segments

Many changes in an organization are slow to take affect or are never fully realized leaving you without your expected results. Much of that is due to People's unwillingness to change.

In the simplest sense any business concern can be broken down into a few key segments - The 3 P's:


After all the time and money is spent in developing plans of action within an organization implementations are slow to take affect and the benefits at best are never fully realized. The reasons are simple but the causes are complex. People want to hold on to what they know at all cost, making change and growth in an organization both painful and slow. It doesn't have to be that way. That is where our value added is immeasurable. Through a combination of Life Coaching and Strategic Intervention Techniques we help empower your Staff to change their views and expectations thereby insuring you get the expected results and more.


I have found over my 35 years in the business world that when I am contacted to fix a challenge in organizations, that fixing the actual problem was fairly easy but changing the thinking process of the people to tackle the challenge at hand and to eliminate any future challenges was more difficult. Whether that process in question was in the realm of Manufacturing, Organizational Quality, Accounting/Finance, Sales/Manufacturing or Engineering they tended to follow the same trend.


If Sales and Marketing are not doing their job in understanding the customer's needs and the marketplace, in short order the company will be offering products that are not attuned to the marketplace and its customers. Sales will decrease, inventory will rise and organizational panic sets in. At that point in time, no matter how good the rest, of your processes and people are, the organization will miss the mark and recovery will be painful and costly.